Thursday, June 12, 2014

You won't believe what Sexercise did to me

I have to say, that I was never truly fit. I was always a bit overweight and kind of massive. That was fine as long as I had a shirt on, but could never truly go to a pool or to the beach and feel comfortable with the way I looked. But, I stumbled upon sexercises. And it seemed like a good enough way to get in shape doing something that’s more pleasant than going to the gym. But, you won’t believe what SEXERCISE did to me!

Why so many people turn to Sexercise

Truth is, that it’s appealing: you get to have sex, and you get in shape. Or at least that’s what you think when you hear this word for the first time. Well, let me tell you that you’re dead wrong! Sexercise, or better said, most sexercise books that I know of, are merely aerobics manuals for women! So, basically, you take aerobics but you move in a “sensual way”. What the hell is that? I want to get fit not how to bar dance! Right? Right!

But, too many people turn to the idea of losing weight quickly through sex, and they go out and buy the first thing that they see has a good rating on Amazon or Google Books (yes, most sexercise books and videos can be found there)!  Well, guess what? Those don’t do a goddamn thing! They are a complete and useless waste of money! Yeah, it’s not like you pay $100, but, still, you’re better off buying yourself a diet soda, it will have the same effect!

Let’s put is simple: sexercise should be a nice and pleasant way for lazy people to get in shape, right? What do we get? Aerobics! Are aerobics nice? Not really! If I would have wanted to take an aerobics class I would have taken it, and I wouldn’t have to take it under a “sexy” name!

So, why so many people turn to Sexercise? Well, because we’re lazy, and we want to lose weight the lazy way!

Can you really have sex and lose weight?
At first, I thought that sexercise is just a made-up term designed to sell. After all, even the Wikipedia entry on it sounds like it’s actually just aerobics. So, I gave it up for a long while, and stopped thinking that I can become fit easily. But, one day as I was browsing through Amazon I literally stumbled upon an e-book. The cover was the thing that really caught my eye. 

I checked out the book, and to my surprise, it actually had real sexercises into it! I mean, for me, sexercise means having sex and losing weight. And that book was filled with images of positions and told me how to do those positions so that I can lose weight! As you can guess, I bought the goddamn book, because, it was cheaper than a pack of smokes! After wasting so much money on useless junk, I said that a couple of dollars are well worth it, especially after I looked at the table of contents and inside it.

The book was for kindle, and I didn’t have one, but I found out later that you need one to read it. 

Fortunately, amazon has this program that you install and you can read kindle e-books on your computer. And that’s what I did!

I remember buying the book on a Saturday, I think about noon. I read it until 5 o’clock, from start to finish. I have to say that I was surprised not only to find those positions but actual workouts that were designed to work muscle groups, just like a fitness program! I said to myself that I hit the jackpot! And, well, I wanted to start practicing!

Problem is, my better half wasn’t really in the mood – after all, when you’re a bit overweight, you’re not that appealing to your partner…but, even if the sex happened only once per week, I said that I’ll take advantage of that moment to sexercise!

Was that book good?
I have to say, that the book, is one of the best sexercise resources that I found online! It may not have a perfect formatting, but the info inside it is golden, and it really shows you a way to have sex and burn calories! And that was amazing! So, how did it work?

Okay, so, the first time I sexercised, I actually had memorized all of the positions! When you’re excited about something and sex doesn’t happen very often, let’s just say that you memorize everything of interest to you!

But, back to the story. So, there I was, in bed, me and my better half, and we started kissing, and all the normal foreplay. However, my mind was set right on sexercise! I kind of rushed into things, and I started doing the first position. And I really focused on doing it as it said in the book, and after a couple of moves I started to feel the burn! That gave me a whole new stamina, so after a couple of reps, I changed position, and then the same thing happened! I was excited! And I kept changing positions until I finally finished the program.

Now, to my shame, the program, the beginner program, really made me sweat! I mean, it was hard and all of my muscles were sore, just like they are after a good workout.

Nevertheless, what happened afterwards was more amazing. My better half, who was never truly impressed by my “sexual repertoire” came to me, kissed me on the lips and said “love, if you’ll do me like this more often, it would really kick up our sex life, so, tomorrow night, I want to do again the things you did to me tonight”. I was stoked! I mean, after years of lousy sex, and lack of passion, the drive started to come back to our relationship!

And, you know what’s funny? The book actually said that this will happen! I mean, it rekindled the light in our bedroom! And that alone worth each and every penny spent on it!

Did I lose weight and get in shape with sexercise?

Well, I won’t keep you waiting. I did lose weight with sexercise, or better said, thanks to sexercise.
You see, as I started sexercising, a couple of things happened. I started to enjoy my sex life more, and at the same time, enjoy my partner more. You see, there is no better feeling than the one that you get when you see that your partner thinks that you’re a sex master! And that alone kept me going. But, let’s go for the numbers.

First week I shed 5 pounds, which wasn’t bad at all. After three weeks I was 10 pounds lighter, without making any changes in my diet or things like that. However, after those 3 weeks, something happened: I saw that I have more energy and that I’m feeling better!

I wasn’t getting tired as fast, I was in a better mood, and when I got home from work, well, I still had energy! 

I don’t know if it was the fact that my sex life was more fulfilling, or that I turned my time in between the sheets into a little workout, but, one thing is for sure: I was getting more fit and had more energy!
So, after 3 weeks, I also started exercising at home. Little exercises, for 20 minutes, and then I started doing 30 minutes. In two months I was in a great shape!

So, what did sexercise do to me? Well, it was the thing that truly gave my sexual life a much needed boost, helped me shed weight and motivated me to truly do something with my life! Right now, my relationship is better than ever, both me and my partner sexercise daily, and we also workout daily, and we’re in great shape! I have to say, I never truly believed that a book could have such a big impact on my life!

What book am I talking about?

I realized that I have written this blog post, which is well, an introduction to what I want to share with you, without telling you about the sexercise book that I bought.

It’s called Sexercise Lose Weight and Get Fit Through Sex, and it really over-delivers. Might not look like much, but the quality of the information is better than anything I’ve seen on the market!

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, time to start talking about my favorite sexercise routine! So, see you soon when I’ll finish writing my new blog post!

If you have any questions, drop me a line in the comments section and I’ll try to answer it as soon as possible!

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